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We're proud to deliver the highest standard of routine Servicing and essential MOT tests on all class 4 vehicles. Book in with our highly qualified technicians today and keep your car in tip top condition.

MOT Testing

As a licensed DVSA testing centre, we can carry out MOT’S on all class 4 vehicles. We will carry out a full inspection of your vehicle to ensure it’s safe for the roads and passes all required tests. When booking in your MOT, you can choose to leave your car with us in the morning and collect upon completion on the same day or book a waiting appointment between 8:30am – 5:30pm where we will carry out the test on-site whilst you wait and return it to you once it passes.

Pricing £44

WARNING: It is a legal requirement to have an up to date MOT certificate annually.

Minor Service

A minor car service is a necessary part of maintaining your vehicle, ensuring everything is running smoothly and keeping you and anyone entering the vehicle safe. Regular services are also a great way to stop any issues early, before they develop and end up causing more costly damage. A minor service at RSV includes a Full Vehicle Inspection, Engine Oil & Filter Replacement and Cabin Filter Replacement.

Prices from £100 (Plus VAT)

Warranty: As with all of our services your manufacturer’s warranty will not be effected and your digital service history will be fully updated.

Major Service

A major service is required every 2 to 4 years depending on your manufacturer. When you book in a major service with us our technicians will perform a full vehicle health check, engine oil and filter change along with a replacement fuel and air filter. Petrol vehicles will also receive a spark plug replacement. Major services are required for both diesel and petrol vehicles. If you’re unsure when your next major service is due, speak to a member of our team who can advise and book you in.

Prices from £220 (Plus VAT)

Warranty: As with all of our services your manufacturer’s warranty will not be effected and your digital service history will be fully updated.

Brake Fluid Service

This is one of the most important and cost-effective services you can carry out on your vehicle. We find this is one of the commonly overlooked services provided but one we feel is the most important, if left for too long your brake fluid will absorb moisture and will become contaminated. This can result in brake failure. A brake fluid service is due every two years. Contact our service team to book your next brake fluid service.

Prices starting from £60 (Plus VAT)

Warranty: As with all of our services your manufacturer’s warranty will not be effected and your digital service history will be fully updated.


Automatic Gearbox Servicing

Similar to an oil change, a transmission service is an essential part of routine car maintenance. The primary process of a transmission service is draining the old transmission fluid and replacing it with fresh fluid, replacing the transmission filter and sump pan and installing it with a new pan and gasket.

It’s recommended that an automatic transmission gearbox is serviced every 60,000 – 100,000 miles. We can carry out a service for all makes and models including; BMW, MINI, Audi, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, SEAT, SKODA and many more. For more information or pricing please contact our team and we can provide you with a quote and get you booked in.

Prices starting from £300 (Plus VAT)

WARNING: If a gearbox is left unserviced it can cause damage to your transmission.

M Power Running in Service

M Power cars require more attention due to their high-performance engines. If you’ve just purchased a shiny new M Power BMW, you’ll need to book in for a running in service after the first 1200 miles, this is strongly recommended by the manufacturer. A running in service is imperative to ensure the longevity of your M Power engine. The duties required on this type of service includes an engine oil and filter change combined with a rear differential oil change.

Prices from £150 (Plus VAT)

Warranty: As with all of our services your manufacturer’s warranty will not be effected and your digital service history will be fully updated.

What is checked during an MOT and Service?

Our MOT’s follow strict driver and vehicle standards agency regulations. We inspect various areas of the car to ensure everything is safe for the road some areas include breaks, tyres, lights and emissions. Your Service will differ based on the type of service you choose. An interim service includes a full vehicle inspection, oil and filter change and cabin filter change. Our full service includes a full vehicle inspection and all engine filters and spark plugs for petrol models. For newer vehicles with online digital servicing these will be carried out as part of the service. We recommend this as an annual service plan for all car owners who are keen to maintain the condition of their vehicle.

All services carried out in our workshop by highly qualified technicians will be completed to manufacturer specification using all approved manufacturer parts and oil.

All Servicing carried out doesn’t affect your Manufacturer’s warranty

Why do I need MOT and Service on my vehicle?

A vehicle MOT and Service cover a very different set of checks and are required for very different reasons. To understand why it’s needed, it’s very important to know the difference between an MOT and a vehicle service.

The MOT test is required by UK law for all cars 3 years old or more and must be carried out annually by a registered garage. The MOT test is a vehicle safety check which follows strict guidelines set out by the DVSA and can only be carried out by accredited MOT testers. An MOT test is an inspection carried out by a qualified technician and does not involve replacing any parts.

A vehicle service is more of a car health check, the content of which is recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. The main purpose of a service is to keep your car running in the best possible condition and to prolong the life of the vehicle. Car servicing is recommended in order to keep your car safe, reliable and in optimal condition.

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