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Prevent Scratches or Dents to your Alloy Wheel Rims

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AlloyGator wheel protectors have been designed to protect your alloy wheels from kerb and pothole damage, as well as road impacts and other unexpected road hazards. The protectors are available in 14 colours, to match the style of your alloy wheels. We can supply and fit to your vehicle.

Is my Vehicle Suitable for AlloyGator Protection?

AlloyGator Wheel Protectors can be fitted to alloy wheels which have between 12 and a 24-inch wheel diameter. AlloyGator wheel protection is suitable for 98% of all wheel and tyre combinations, if you're unsure if your wheels are suitable, simply speak to a member of our team and we can check your vehicle for you. AlloyGator protectors are not suitable for vehicles weighing over 2500kg, this includes vehicles weighing less than 2500kg, but carrying luggage or passenger weight that causes the overall vehicle weight to exceed 2500kg.

Alloy Wheel Protection

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Why should I need to Protect my Alloy Wheels?

AlloyGator Wheel Protectors offer an affordable alternative to repairing costly alloy wheel damage, sometimes you never know when you can get too close to a kerb or get struck by a pot hole in a road. Installing alloy wheel protectors means you'll be guarded from any future damage, keeping your alloys in pristine condition.

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